The Best Beguiling But Bogus Binary Options Strategies

This is an actively growing collection of links to articles that explore (and frequently explode) some of the seemingly best strategies for successfully trading binary options.

You know – the ones that every fuckwit occupying the top spot of the world’s most famous “quality results” search engine likes to witter on about.

The strategies that everyone knows they should understand and apply. Only the whole fucking lot of them are bogus beyond belief. Not that that seems to stop too many.

Because it seems that despite it all, and as Kipling might have written (had he shared my penchant for alliteration and vulgarity): “the fuckwit’s flambeed finger goes fumbling back to the flame”. Eager to try the latest shiny new strategy that promises to be as good as having your very own cash machine. Apparently.


Binary Options Grinding Strategy

So in no particular order, let’s start with the Binary Options Grinding Strategy which is a stop-loss system almost identical in operation to the notorious Martingale betting system.

The key difference being that the math behind it accounts for the odds in binary options trading being even worse that those at a roulette table.

Is it any good? Fuck no! It’s totally toxic, but don’t let a little detail like that that get in the way of anything.

Fibonacci Ratio and Retracement Strategies

Less obviously moronic, on account of requiring significantly more complex math are Fibonacci Ratio and Retracement Strategies.

There are a variety of variations but they all fundamentally rely on the theory that temporary price adjustments (retracements) map closely to the sets of ratios that can be calculated by Fibonacci sequences.

It’s all bollocks of course, but it’s quite interesting bollocks so click the link and enjoy learning why everything you thought you knew about Fib lines is frankly shit covered in a polished veneer of shit.

Kelly Binary Options Trading Strategy

The Kelly Strategy is among the few that have anything remotely useful to contribute to the pursuit of making money trading binary options. Most traders don’t pay it much heed though because it doesn’t promise to make them wealthy beyond avarice by tea-time and again, it involves relatively complicated math.

It doesn’t really belong in this list of bogus strategies either except in so far as too many people cite as a sure fire way to win big. It isn’t. What it does tell you though is the truth about how good you need to be at predicting appropriate outcomes and how much (little) of your capital to allocate to each trade in order to eke out reliable wins. Again, it’s no big secret – just math really.

In Summary…

So anytime you come across someone spouting nonsense about sure-fire strategies for winning at binary options trading, ask yourself: why exactly are they doing that? Are they simply parroting everyone else, so stupid they actually believe it, or do they stand to benefit in some way (and possibly at your expense)?

Anyway, make a note to check back here and there will be more on this topic. Much more!