The Definitive Guide to the Binary Options Grinding Strategy

Roulette Spiral

Sweet innit? You go do a spot of online research to discern the consensus as regards stupendously stupefyingly stupid binary options strategies such as the Grinding (a.k.a. Martingale) “strategy” only to discover the world’s “favorite” search engine dishing up assorted drivel that is variously anodyne, uninformative and/or irrelevant. By the way, the title “favorite” is merited in much the same way that the M25 is the UK’s favorite ring-road or filing a tax return is … Continue reading

Fibonacci Ratios, Price Retracements and Binary Options

Fibonacci Spiral

A well known “strategy” for assessing likely market moves when trading binary options (or indeed placing any kind of bet on currency or stock markets) is the use of so-called Fibonacci indicators to plot price retracements. Simply put, a retracement is when a clearly established price movement up or down pulls back for a while before continuing its original trend (a “projection”). The key point is that a retracement is a temporary reversal rather than … Continue reading

The Best Beguiling But Bogus Binary Options Strategies

The Elephant in the Room

This is an actively growing collection of links to articles that explore (and frequently explode) some of the seemingly best strategies for successfully trading binary options. You know – the ones that every fuckwit occupying the top spot of the world’s most famous “quality results” search engine likes to witter on about. The strategies that everyone knows they should understand and apply. Only the whole fucking lot of them are bogus beyond belief. Not that … Continue reading

The ONLY Thing To Consider Before You Open a Binary Options Trading Account

Binary Options Considerations

I’m sure you’re more than well acquainted with those bland little lists of 3, 5, 7 or perhaps 8 or maybe 10 (there may even be some witter merchant who has somehow compiled 100) things to consider before you take the plunge and open a binary options trading account. And what pearls of wisdom do these various homilies to all that is most trite and tedious impart? Well, apparently you definitely need to avoid getting … Continue reading